Modern and competitive organisations need to be able to select, adopt and embed their IT software assets, human capital and hardware assets rapidly for results.  It is becoming increasingly complicated to deploy these assets in the most effective manner, companies are forced to comply with legislation, internal governance, industry standards and evolving business practices.  The rules of engagement are continually changing.

Todays IT department are expected to over perform in this environment.  As well as being constantly challenged by the business to come up with cheaper, more flexible solutions, solutions that drive direct business benefit, each outcome is now to be measured in terms of its contribution to the business bottom line.

At Rangewave Consulting we help our clients to align their IT strategy to the business objectives, to structure the organisation for peak performance, to make the right technology choices to best achieve the results and to embed the changes in an efficient and sustainable manner.

Rangewave excels by the smart skills and a structured approach to ensuring all aspects of an enterprise’s IT strategy gets translated into direct business value.

Rangewave Consulting Services

CIO Advisory Services

  • Strategic Planning, Maximise Return on Information Technology and Business Case generation and execution
  • Realisation of IT as a contributing Strategic Asset within the business
  • Insight into IT solutions and trends to support business evolution

Business Transformation

  • Planning and impact assessment of  re-structuring or outsourcing of IT operations
  • Compliancy with legislation and regulatory changes
  • Selection of the right IT solution to support business growth and transformation

Business & IT Alignment

  • Exploiting technology to enable business agility
  • Deployment of business critical applications
  • Workspace optimisation and the adoption of Mobile Applications
  • IT operations benchmarking and optimisation, (Value Engineering)

IT Services Architecture

  • Service Architecture and ITIL Service Management process maturity assessment
  • Assessment of Service Management process and impact of migration to various support models
  • Realigning IT Service Management for new or evolved solutions

Adding value to our Clients

  • Increasing the value of IT as a strategic asset within the business
  • Assisting with strategic roadmaps that deliver long term benefits
  • Access to real world experience and expertise of planning change programme
  • Structured approach with focus on the desired business outcomes