About SAP

SAP SAP has but one mission – to help every customer become a best-run business.  From cloud and in-memory, to mobile, analytics, and beyond, SAP have solutions and services for every business challenge.

SAP Customers

More than 238,000 customers around the world rely on SAP.  From large global organizations to educational institutions, governments, SMEs, and subsidiaries – SAP customers come in all shapes and sizes.  We can help you learn why they choose to run SAP solutions – on-premise, or on-demand and on mobile devices.

As a Partner

Rangewave play a critical role in helping organizations identify, purchase, and implement the ideal SAP solutions for their business needs. By delivering exceptional value, open choices, support services, local industry expertise, and more, we help SAP customers run better.

About Every Angle

Every Angle Every Angle is an out-of-the-box, self-service application for SAP-run businesses. It makes Business Analytics easy by enabling users to easily access and analyze data content from SAP.

Every Angle for any Industry

The Every Angle software is designed by SAP experts and is engineered with in-depth knowledge of operational processes. SAP has developed certain Industry Solutions in order to cater to the specific needs of individual industries.  Every Angle focuses on these different industries and builds intelligence of that vertically into its software solution.

Whether you work in the Wholesale or Retail industry, Consumer products, Discrete Manufacturing or Processes & Chemicals industry, or your company meets the Fashion, Pharma, Utilities or Automotive Industry criteria,  Every Angle's self-service BI application does supports the entire company operationally along all the major business processes that are critical to your particular industry.

SAP is masterful at storing and classifying massive amounts of data, however it is quite a challenge for business users to access the precise data needed for operational decision-making.  Every Angle provides business users with transparency into the supply chain, resulting in self-service, end-to-end visibility.


By providing users with insight into all processes along the supply chain, Every Angle provides granular visibility which is critical to all industries. The out-of-the-box solution can connect supply and demand and enable users to make active decisions based on accurate data and avoid future bottlenecks.

About IQX South Africa

IQX South Africa helps SAP customers to get more value out of their investments in SAP and Microsoft. In particular, we help SAP users gain better Business Insights, Collaborate more broadly and be more productive.  IQX does this by:

  • Bringing together structured SAP and Non-SAP data with associated unstructured documentation, images correspondences and other data sources and presenting these in web parts, web forms and  Intuitive workspaces within SharePoint.
  • Connecting SAP and non-SAP users in seamless end-to-end business Workflow processes, hosted in SharePoint
  • Empowering end-users by presenting SAP through familiar Microsoft Office, deploying customised Office Add-ins and pre-packaged SharePoint Templates.  We present end-to-end business processes via SharePoint or even native mobile Apps.

Our specialized team leverages our suite of tools and accelerators as well as a unique portfolio of pre-built components to rapidly compose highly customised solutions that address unique customer requirements.


The IQX approach provides a robust solution framework that effectively mitigates the risks of future technical upgrades and environmental changes by maximising the use of standard functionality of the SharePoint platform in accordance with best practices and employing mature and certified SAP integration technologies.